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Our trial product is fully functional, but you will require a licence key to continue to use TestCaddy after 30 days. On receipt of payment we will email you a licence key.
Please ensure that you have successfully downloaded our latest trial version, and that you are happy with the product before making your payment.

If you would like to purchase TestCaddy now or have any pricing questions please email us directly at sales@testcaddy.com

Sales on Hold!!

As we are regenerating TestCaddy in its new Web Application form we’re not actively selling the Win 32 Client version at this time.   We’re still supporting the Windows Client version for existing customers and we’ll have the Web Application available for sale soon.

If you’d like to beta our new version please contact support@testcaddy.com


LicensePriceSupport & MaintenanceNotes
User License$299$149 per annumFloating (single concurrent user) License. Initial Price includes 12 months Email
Support and Maintenance.
Site License$4995$2495 per annumUnlimited Users at a specific company office location. Initial Price includes 12
months Email Support and Maintenance.
Special Micro Company User License
$99$49 per annumA special rate for each of the first three User Licenses purchased. This is the same fully functional License but at a great price to assist small companies to lift their testing ability. Initial Price includes 12 months Email Support and Maintenance.

Note: All prices are in USD (United States Dollars) and exclude applicable taxes for invoices originating from New Zealand (e.g. GST, VAT). Support and Maintenance entitles you to upgrade for free to any major or minor release and unlimited support via email within the paid period.

Are you a school, student, open source project or a charity? Email us with a
couple of details if we should let you have a free copy: 
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Testing needs to be organised, efficient and well-managed, so that everyone involved has confidence that quality software will be released. Moving from the out-dated use of spreadsheets to manage your software testing to using TestCaddy will increase your productivity almost immediately. Resources stretch further and people are happier.