TestCaddy Test Case Management allows you to: 

  • Organise test sets into projects and phases
  • Build new test sets rapidly – in place selection from Test Library
  • See at a glance where a Test Case is failed
  • Set your own Custom Fields to match your process
  • Check a full test history when required

TestCaddy provides for:

  • Integration with Atlassian’s Jira for Defect Tracking
  • Export functionality to CSV
  • Easy to record results (Expected and Actual)
  • Quick Run feature – override test status
  • Fully customisable test sets
  • Multiple testers working on the same product
  • Flexible work assignment

Some of our most popular features are:

  • Native Win32 desktop application – fast and responsive
  • Full keyboard navigation – avoid Repetitive Strain Injury
  • Auto prompt to record Build and Environment information
  • A standard SQL Server – a reliable, robust database

Why do our testers prefer TestCaddy to other tools?

  • Ease of use
  • You get what you need without it being too wordy
  • Written by testers for testers
  • Virtually all on one screen with Dashboards – seldom need to run separate reports
  • Easy to manage – intuitive
  • Most configuration doesn’t require our IT administrator