TestCaddy is a collaborative software testing tool - designed to make life easier for every tester and every test manager.


TestCaddy is a desktop application that allows you to create and manage manual tests for each product tested by your team. With TestCaddy, several testers can utilise the same database of tests without confusion. TestCaddy can readily be used in conjunction with popular defect tracking tools such as Jira or Bugzilla.


Test sets are easily accessed, readily edited or updated, and the software maintains a full history of testing cycles and results.

Like a Phoenix, TestCaddy is regenerating and will be back soon…

Hi All,

Our website and TestCaddy product will be back soon. We’re full steam ahead on our Web version and will update the site when it is available.

If you’re an existing TestCaddy Win32 Client customer please email us in the normal way – we’re still open for business and supporting your product.

If you’re keen on helping beta the web version of our Test Case Management tool then feel free to make contact, email support@testcaddy.com

Thanks for your interest.

Tam & the TestCaddy Software Team